Larry and Donna Ulrich

Larry and Donna Ulrich
About Us

Thank you for your interest in our photography. Donna and I have been in the business (and play!) of outdoor and nature photography for over 30 years. Our home is in Trinidad, California, just five minutes away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Our cat, garden and a pond full of goldfish are the only things keeping us from being on the road more than our usual six months each year.

We started making a living at photography by selling Larry's prints at the street fairs of San Francisco and Berkeley. Our business gradually shifted and we began marketing images as Stock Photography to magazines, calendars and note cards, eventually leaving darkroom work behind. Book contracts came our way; over ten books have Larry's name on them as the photo-illustrator, and hundreds more have his photographs in them.

The circle has come back around and once again prints are part of our lives. The new and ever-changing technology of computers and printers has opened a new door. Instead of creating prints by playing with color and chemicals, Larry now combines his old darkroom techniques with new computer skills to create fine photographic prints true to his original vision in the field.

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