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Photographic print: Glade Creek Grist Mill parks fall autumn waterfall waterfalls color colors leaves trees branches quaint nostalgia nostalgic mills historic historical buildings cascade cascades maples maple sugar united states america rural grinding americana tourist attraction attractions

Glade Creek Grist Mill
Image ID: 248NG001X1

Photographic print: Pigeon Point Lighthouse   united states america seascape seascapes light blue fence sunny ocean lite station historical lighthouses pacific coast fences beacon beacons direction guidance pharos navigation america navigational aid aids

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Image ID: 405CM007X1

Photographic print: Sneffels Range united states america pole fences fence aspens trees forest rural fall autumn snow capped peaks cold countryside country rocky mountain cattle ranch ranches rural rustic ranching fenceline fencelines winding grazing land pasureland fenced western west

Sneffels Range
Image ID: 406SN017X1

Photographic print: Heceta Head Lighthouse united states seascape seascapes parks pacific ocean surf coast waves headlands highway 101 light station stations morning spring lighthouses protection beacon beacons direction guidance pharos navigation america navigational aid aids

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Image ID: 237CC005X1

Photographic print: Mustard in vineyards wine country spring rural crops grape grapes agriculture vine vines countryside beauty farming farm rural pastoral bountiful sunny tourist destination destinations peaceful tower vineyard region regions famous scenic scenics growing buildings barns water

Mustard in vineyards
Image ID: 405WN010X1

Photographic print: Old homestead telluride barn barns homesteads americana fall autumn united states america rocky ranch historic historical ranches ranching rural nostalgic nostalgia rocky snow roads rustic building buildings landscapes landscape scenic scenics road fence yesteryear

Old homestead
Image ID: 406SM002X1

Photographic print: Portland Head Light station lighthouses lighthouse atlantic coast northeast northeastern protection beacon beacons direction guidance pharos navigation america navigational aids americana trust lizzy time rocky sunny blue skies scenics landscapes landscape rugged safe strong

Portland Head Light
Image ID: 419PO007X1

Photographic print: The Bridge at the Green battenkill river rivers covered  bridges church churches northeast northeastern america fall autumn village villages town towns building buildings americana trout stream streams fishing famous sunny clear blue skies historic historical wooden landscapes

The Bridge at the Green
Image ID: 445VW004X1

Photographic print: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse seashell seashells beach beaches sand sandy lighthouses atlantic coast ocean national southeast southestern light station stations safty protection beacon beacons direction guidance pharos navigation america navigational diversity sunny transitory blue

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Image ID: 433OB006X1

Photographic print: Boston and Maine Grafton County track trees maple maples fall autumn new england northeast northeastern united states america railroads progress transportation

Boston and Maine
Image ID: 229HC001X1

Photographic print: Mission Santa Barbara cross crosses landmarks missions church churches religion religious morning light united states america worship missionary period spanish catholic christian christianity sunny clear plaza plazas historical history pueblo pueblos southern tourist landmark

Mission Santa Barbara
Image ID: 405SB005X1

Photographic print: Mail Pouch Tobacco barn ranches ranching barns rural field fields united states america pastoral agriculture landscape landscapes foothills advertisement advertisements coast ranges building buildings historic promotion promote clear sunny skies blue americana historical scenics

Mail Pouch Tobacco barn
Image ID: 405SW005X1

Photographic print: Ghost Town of Bodie united states america towns parks fire hydrant hydrants historic historical mining gold rushes rush towns building buildings americana protection fall autumn cold wagon wagons abandoned eastern

Ghost Town of Bodie
Image ID: 205MN016X1

Photographic print: Animas River Canyon americana rocky mountain united states america summer tourist travel attraction attractions destination destinations old west western track tracks split splitting flowers historic historical nostalgia nostalgic endurance railroads junction junctions

Animas River Canyon
Image ID: 206RR002X1

Photographic print: Abandoned railroad cars americana rocky mountains buildings building summer tourist destination destinations west western rocky track tracks split splitting historic historical nostalgia nostalgic endurance railroad railroads attraction attractions stations caboose rail

Abandoned railroad cars
Image ID: 406RR005X1

Photographic print: Animas River Canyon americana rocky mountains united states america summer tourist destination destinations  western rockies track tracks historic historical nostalgia nostalgic steam engines locomotive locomotives train trains railroads attraction attractions coal fired

Animas River Canyon
Image ID: 506RR007X1

Photographic print: Spruce Tree House indian ruin ruins pueblo pueblos anasazi parks kivas alcove alcoves  native american americans world heritage site sites ancient civilization civilizations snow winter archeology archeological scenic fresh scenics historic cities canyon dwellings cliff

Spruce Tree House
Image ID: 406VR002X1

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