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Photographic print: Snake River at Oxbow Bend united states america snow peak aspens fall autumn color colors range parks aspen trees tree ranges peaks mountain majestic landscape landscapes strength tourist travel vacation destination destinations grandeur dramatic rockies crisp clean clarity jagged

Snake River at Oxbow Bend
Image ID: 250GT001X1

Photographic print: Paintbrush and lupine united states america Indian magenta backcountry wildernesses areas area Castilleja parviflora dwarf Lupinus lepidus lobbii mountains wildflower wildflowers inyo national forest  subalpine pond ponds sierras backpack john muir trail pacific crest eastern

Paintbrush and lupine
Image ID: 405AA007X1

Photographic print: Elephants head, bog-orchid  white meadow meadows areas forests forest Pedicularis groenlandica orchid Habenaria dilitata Senecio cymbalarioides marsh creek valley mountain wildflowers flowers field fields peak peaks areas blue skies sunny clear landscapes landscape sweet pristine

Elephants head, bog-orchid
Image ID: 412ST018X1

Photographic print: Maroon Lake and Maroon Bells aspens fall autumn color colors reflection snow trees peak peaks tranquil forests reflections aspen mountain calm majestic landscape landscapes tourist destination destinations scenics scenic sunny blue skies perfect dramatic spectacular views view quiet

Maroon Lake and Maroon Bells
Image ID: 406EL036X1

Photographic print: Seep spring arnica united states america longifolia marsh marshes peak peaks snow capped fog summer siskiyou county mountain mountains volcano volcanos volcanoes inactive flowers wildflowers wildflower sunflower sunrise majestic landscape landscapes arnicas morning mist

Seep spring arnica
Image ID: 405CC009X1

Photographic print: Mt. Mather and Mt. Brooks tundra pond ponds subarctic  reflection reflections parks mountain mountains mount peak peaks water lakes summer snow capped sedges sedge wetland wetlands vacation travel destination landscape landscapes tourist destinations

Mt. Mather and Mt. Brooks
Image ID: 401DP046X1

Photographic print: Oak Creek and Cathedral Rocks canyon country red rock redrock buttes butte creeks deserts fall autumn trees tree rocky water tranquil peaceful southwest united states america desert sandstone sycamore sycamores cascade cascades rapid rapids Platanus wrightii stream streams

Oak Creek and Cathedral Rocks
Image ID: 403SD013X1

Photographic print: Aspens and Wilson Peak aspen fall peak peaks autumn juan rocky oaks united states america peaks clouds snow capped snowy landscape landscapes dramatic majestic mountain juans scenic scenics sunny clear crisp colors colours color foliage dramatic vistas grand fresh yellow

Aspens and Wilson Peak
Image ID: 406SM037X1

Photographic print: Paintbrush, lupine and bistort mountains castilleja parviflora olympics broadleaf lupines lupinus latifolius bistorts polygonum bistortoides parks wildflower wildflowers verdant meadows subalpine pacific northwest meadow site world heritage Peninsula sites landscapes landscapes scenics

Paintbrush, lupine and bistort
Image ID: 447OL014X1

Photographic print: Mt. Moran from Oxbow Bend parks peaks mount range ranges rivers fall autumn color tranquil reflection reflections mountain calm serenity tourist destination destinations landscape landscapes spiritual majestic balance world heritage site sites sunny clear blue skies classic views

Mt. Moran from Oxbow Bend
Image ID: 450GT080X1

Photographic print: Leafy arnica forests lakes subalpine flowers wildflower wildflowers summer landscape landscapes chamissonis reflection reflections peak peaks mountain mountains volcanoes volcanos cascades sunflower sunflowers perfect calm dormant sunny clear blue placid alpenglow

Leafy arnica
Image ID: 437TS062X1

Photographic print: Aspens and Mount Sneffels aspen mount fall peak peaks autumn color colors united states america snow capped landscape landscapes dramatic majestic mountain range rockies gove groves pristine inspirational picturesque golden gold

Aspens and Mount Sneffels
Image ID: 206SN005X1

Photographic print: The Grenadier Range national forest rainbow rainbows  summer peak peaks colorful colors united states america landscape landscapes dramatic majestic mountain range rockies pristine alpine inspirational ranges peaks wildernesses storm storms stormy thunderstorm thunderstorms

The Grenadier Range
Image ID: 206WW003X1

Photographic print: Yellow pondlily america reflection peak peaks tranquil forests reflections mountains calm majestic landscape landscapes divide rockies ponds pond pondlilies summer meadow meadows landmark landmarks sunny clear blue skies summer high scenics Nuphar lutea  polysepala

Yellow pondlily
Image ID: 406SJ003X1

Photographic print: Aspen & Colorado blue spruce cold clear winter snow bare snowy wintery southwest southwestern united states america landscape landscapes pristine peaks freezing frozen sunny clear blue skies scenics scenic snowcapped first snowfall early  scenes trees tree frigid

Aspen & Colorado blue spruce
Image ID: 406SJ022X1

Photographic print: Horses and Sneffels Range united states america rural landscape landscapes ranch ranching ranchland horse summer pasture pastureland bountiful scenics pastoral herd herds tranquil freedom livestock animals animal grazing open green sunny clear skies blue plentiful interlude quiet

Horses and Sneffels Range
Image ID: 406SN026X1

Photographic print: Chimney Rock & Courthouse Mountain aspen mount fall peak peaks autumn color colors  united states america snow capped landscape landscapes dramatic majestic range rockies grove groves pristine inspirational blue skies sunny clear scenics scenic vista vista views views distance vast rugged

Chimney Rock & Courthouse Mountain
Image ID: 406UN002X1

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