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Photographic print: Giant sequoias sequoia redwoods summer forests tree trees foggy mist misty meadow meadows sierras parks united states sequoiadendron gigantia giganteum ancient balance balanced landscapes  travel tourist destination destinations virgin growth redwood groves grove named

Giant sequoias
Image ID: 405SQ034X1

Photographic print: Paper birches tree trees fall maples birch maple autumn color colors detail forests national mountains united states england northeast northeastern america landscape landscapes trunks trunk white foliage scenic scenics

Paper birches
Image ID: 429WF010X1

Photographic print: Sugar maple creeks stream streams fall autumn color maples tree trees hardwood forest forests parks midwest midwestern landscapes landscape travel tourist destination destinations foliage brilliant beautiful scenics scenic quiet purity places soft diverse diversity

Sugar maple
Image ID: 435ON003X1

Photographic print: Flowering Dogwood middle prong world heritage site sites parks rivers rushing water greenbrier cove appalachian stream streams national spring tree trees creek creeks hardwood forest forests dogwoods south southern cornus florida sweet harbinger wild luxurious ecology

Flowering Dogwood
Image ID: 442SK011X1

Photographic print: Giant sequoias redwoods trees tree summer sunlight redwood forest world heritage site sites sequoiadendron gigantia united states america groves parks meadow meadows ancient large balance calm strength spiritual peaceful landscapes landscape giganteum sequoia tall

Giant sequoias
Image ID: 405YS012X1

Photographic print: Black oaks on Fremont Peak sunrise sunrises winter states america foothills coast ranges south strength parks tree trees elegance majestic endurance  silhouette silhouettes profile profiles elegant strong lasting interlude quiet places place clear skies scenic scenics landscapes

Black oaks on Fremont Peak
Image ID: 405SR086X1

Photographic print: Northern red oak creek creeks fall autumn tree trees color northern hardwood hardwoods oaks stream streams northeast northeastern  colors foliage quiet eternal excellence diversity sweet beautiful creeks creek forests landscape landscapes scenics gorgeous

Northern red oak
Image ID: 421MA001X1

Photographic print: Red maple maples tree trees tranquil calm calming lakes forests lower peninsula reflection reflections hardwood hardwoods northern upper midwest great lakes fall autumn landscape landscapes color colors brilliant balance quiet peaceful peace foliage excellence hope

Red maple
Image ID: 422LP013X1

Photographic print: Aspens and spruce aspen spruces forests snow snowfall fresh fall autumn cold wintery southwest southwestern united states america landscape landscapes frigid isolation holdout preserverance  solitary single alone snowy standout solitude quiet scenics scenic

Aspens and spruce
Image ID: 203WB002X1

Photographic print: Eastern white pines & red maples creek creeks rivers fall autumn tree trees color northern hardwood hardwoods stream streams northeast northeastern clear sunny bright colorful colors landscape landscapes fresh foliage conifers mixed forest forests rereflected light dramatic

Eastern white pines & red maples
Image ID: 429HC012X1

Photographic print: New York fern, northern tree trees spring forests mountains  northeast northeastern american landscape landscapes colors creeks river rivers stream streams purity pure bright oaks verdant beautiful faith balance balanced excellence pride peace peaceful sweet elegant elegance

New York fern, northern
Image ID: 438PN012X1

Photographic print: Aspens line Green Creek Meadows tree trees fall autumn color forests united states america mountain colors pastel pastels aspen yellow soft light forests mountains artistic nature trunk trunks grove groves eastern

Aspens line Green Creek Meadows
Image ID: 205MN001X1

Photographic print: Mountain dogwood and giant sequoias redwoods forests tree trees sierras parks united states sequoiadendron gigantia ancient family vacation travel tourist destination grove groves america american destinations virgin growth tall trunks Cornus nuttallii giganteum pacific western fall autumn

Mountain dogwood and giant sequoias
Image ID: 405SQ063X1

Photographic print: Bristlecone pine snag pines tree trees summer gnarled gnarly strength tenacity forests mountains  great basin endurance travel tourist destination destinations struggle survival endurance twisted endemic alpine power weathered inyo national classic views scenics spring ancient

Bristlecone pine snag
Image ID: 405IN009X1

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