Larry Ulrich California Photography Workshops

We are pleased to announce that Larry Ulrich will be teaching local photo workshops beginning in the spring of 2010. Larry and Donna have taught several photo workshops on a national level over the years but now want to teach locally. The focus will be on more than just learning how to use your camera. Each of us has a style, a way of expressing ourselves photographically, and we'd like to help students find or expand on that style.

We are still in the beginning stages of developing our game plan. The workshops that we have taught in the past have had between 12 and 16 participants, and though we know each person went home with new knowledge, large groups don't offer the intimacy for learning creativity. We want to break with tradition and offer workshops with small groups of 4 to 6 participants. We want these gatherings to be interactive, interesting and rewarding. Because of that, we want to try to match participants with similar skill levels together.

We can offer a few parameters to help you decide when and how you want to participate.

  1. What will I learn?

    Field sessions will concentrate on what makes a good photograph: composition, proper exposure, choice of lenses, finding the light, etc. Lab time will have Power-Point presentations, discussion and a chance to learn printing. This time will also explore techniques for finding photos out in the field, the use of light in composition, and Photoshop as a part of the creative process. We will help you with workflow, or what to do with your images once they are recorded in your camera. Critiques within our small group will offer you feedback on your work and the process will help you make better images. Light, composition, creativity-all comes together to make a good photo.

  2. When will the workshops take place?

    • No workshops are currently scheduled

  3. What kind of photographic experience should I have?

    We prefer that you have a very good working knowledge of your camera's controls and a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or a similar program.

  4. Digital or Film?

    Both. If you have film images, bring them to the critique sessions. Larry also shoots 4x5 and would be glad to help anybody who has one. However, please bring some digital images that you can process during the processing and critique time.

  5. What do I need to bring?

    Camera, tripod, lenses, of course. If you are shooting digitally, a laptop computer is necessary. An umbrella is suggested as wet weather is common here. Dress for changing weather. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Print and fill out this workshop registration/liability form

Please send the form with your $150.00 deposit via US Mail to the following address.
If you wish to use a credit card, please give us a call.

  Larry Ulrich Photography Workshops
  PO Box 178
  Trinidad, CA 95570

  Phone: 707-677-3916
  Business Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time

Thank you for your interest in our workshops.

A Little History

Photo of Larry UlrichLarry and Donna Ulrich have been photographing together for many decades; Larry with the camera, Donna as the support system and an extra set of eyes to find what makes a good photo. Donna has always said that Larry is a 'natural' photographer, and she is 'learned'. There are various stages in between and it is our opinion that anybody with a vision and knowledge of their camera can learn to take better pictures. Creativity can be learned if it is not already in your heart, and it can blossom with a little help.

"We started out selling photographic prints at street fairs and craft shows, but soon found the business of stock photography. We license our images for such uses as calendars, books and magazines. Larry's images have appeared in just about every major magazine that features outdoor scenes and he has been making a living with a camera since 1972. We have been a photographic stock agency for the last two decades and are fortunate to now represent 22 of this country's most creative photographers. Having looked at many thousands of images over the years has given us a pretty good idea of what works.

We have always shot film, mostly 4x5 and 120, but started shooting with a digital camera in 2008. We now use both, at least for now!

Larry embraced Photoshop with a passion in 2002 as a way to get ready for the digital delivery of images. We knew film was not the future. Since then he has digitally scanned and mastered over 13,000 images from his own body of work in addition to the photographers he represents.

We have taught workshops in conjunction with Mountain Light, Arizona Highways, Cuyahoga Photographic Society in Cleveland, and on a float trip down the Grand Canyon for 18 days."


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